The Why

Sober Vet Coffee founders David and Kristina Beardsley with their children, Dawson and Charlotte

 Sober Vet Coffee founders David and Kristina Beardsley with their children Dawson and Charlotte (Photo by Margaret Lynes Photography)

Sober Vet Coffee was co-founded by David and Kristina Beardsley. David and Kristina met while David was stationed in Florida with the United States Air Force. Shortly after their eldest son, Dawson, was born, the family was relocated to Sicily, Italy for a NATO assignment. One week after arriving, the Covid-19 pandemic shut down Italy, and the rest of the world not long after. During this trying period, David and Kristina (along with many people all around the world) both faced physical and mental health challenges. After embracing recovery and rebuilding their lives, they went on to have a daughter. They were then relocated again to England.

Nearing David's retirement, and at the completion of Kristina's MBA education, the Beardsley's began discussing the future. There was one goal in mind: help support military-affiliated families through their mental health and addiction struggles. Having embraced the third wave of coffee while in Italy, they knew they wanted to dive into the coffee industry as a means to build this unique community.

Sober Vet Coffee is a community that brings together all military-affiliated people who have been affected by addiction and mental health challenges. 

Our own founders, having lived these experiences, created this community as a way to connect people with similar stories, as well as to give back.

To further our cause, Sober Vet Coffee will donate 20% of net proceeds to charities that support military and veteran mental health.