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Sober Vet Coffee

Mockee Decaf (Medium-Dark Roast)

Mockee Decaf (Medium-Dark Roast)

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The Mockee (Mock-Coffee) single-origin is a decaffeinated medium-dark roast that is smooth with notes of dark raisin and cocoa.

Our Colombian coffee beans are decaffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate method. Our coffee beans are soaked in water (extracting the caffeine). Ethyl Acetate is then added to the mixture to dissolve the caffeine. After the caffeine is separated, the ethyl acetate is evaporated, leaving behind our flavorful beans without caffeine. This is a "natural" decaffeination process as ethyl acetate can be found in many fruits, including bananas and apples. 

Our coffee is roasted, ground upon request, and then packaged immediately to ensure freshness. 

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